Prime & Toast, Yumm Yumm!


its 10:30 in the morning, nothing to do, my supervisor ma yadri 3ani :S oo mako a7ad asolif m3ah!

kil il nas ejaza! :S

i dont feel like working, i feel like youtubing ;p! i wanna laugh! any good links you guys ;p?

anyhow, yesterday was a great Tuesday, i got back from work, had a recharge nap ;p

then i went out with my sister!

we didnt feel like wandering around malls and shopping!

we wanned to have some coffee and just set back to relax a bit!

i know we could've done that at home with our pjs on! bs sometimes getting out is more relaxing! and we just wanned to get out!

So we've been to Prime and Toast! i love this place!

we ordered Cremeford Caramel dessert and Date Budding with some tea!

it was amaziiiiiiing!!!!!!!

we would've ordered some more! but we were ashamed becoz latterly we had eaten it all!

just imagine the the plates 3ogob ma gathaina 3laihom! sij sij lathetheeeeeen!!!!!!
afterwards we cruised around, listened to Fayrooz!
singed along with her, which was really ugly!
we laughed like little kids!
and we had a really great time!
so my tuesday went really well ! as i expected :D!
i slept early, and i waked up early! bs kel hatha 3la mameesh! mako sheqel! :S
anyhow, one day 2 go :D
aaaaah yal weekend! i love! ;D
this is it for now,
have a great day ;**
Doli ;*


Well! pt2

hey you guys!

how yo dowing ;p ?!

i love a Tuesday!

especially it is now the middle of the week!

for me i think it has a sense of accomplishment!

im 2 days near the weekend! and i have finished 2 days of the week!

its balanced!

i like balance! ;p

i dont know, balance to me is like balance!

i like a good safe balance!

well! its a happy day!

so i started the day wearing happy colors!! that really helped lifting my spirit! walla colors do that to me! i love colors! :D!

im wearing a white shirt, with a huge white flower in the middle of it! and a flowery skirt :D!

i never wear flowery stuff to work! but 2day kaiiify eshtahait! ;p

i just finished watching grey's anatomy season 5! *sigh* if any one knows where i could watch season 6 online plz tell me ! :S

one of my fav movies of all times is : Armagadon! its an amazing movie! a must see! ive seen it a million times! but every time i see it its like new 2 me! so ive started my day with the movies soundtrack! aerosmith, I dont wanna miss a thing!

i just love it when he says:

i dun wanna miss one smile

i dun wanna miss one kiss!

i just wanna be with right here with you


i just wanna hold you CLOSE!

feel your heart so CLOSE to MINE!

and just stay here in THIS moment for the REST OF TIME!

OMG! its like so freaking romantic!

bk to grey's anatomy!

i like the way how dr. sheperd is so presistance! he loves merideth to death!!!

the way he looks at her! its like amazing! :S

i want someone to look at me the way derick shepred looks at merideth grey, i want him to gaze into my eyes the Mcdreamy way! i want him to agree with me on everything! and when im scared and crazy i want him to tell me its ok with the same derick's tune!

one of the qoutes i love is actually from the show, when dr. bayley yells at the cheif and goes: " we're all scared! if you're not scared then you're not paying attention "

OMG those writers are really smart and logical! I LOVE!

enough with the grey's !

i hate the new nescafe ad on radio! what with all the hhhmmmmhhhhmmmmhahahahahammmmm! whats with that?! nescafe isnt that hhmmm-ing to me :S! 7ada yes7an :S!

mmm, Even Sweeter asked me whats my book is about ;p!

N dear ;p if i tell you then i have to kill u ;p im missed u girl!

rnt we like the worst bloggers ever!

id like to pay my respect to Mr. Hazem Al Braikan

may he rest in peace

and may God be with his family and loved ones

habba fi e'3neyat " making love out of nothing at all "


nrid lil well issue:

u all know the avenues,

ure all familiar with the famous lorenzino cafe!

sheftaw ga3deta ?!

shlon always za7ma oo ppl not being themselves metdakwreen oo ga3den ?!

i hate that!

i cant be that!

oo im never to be like those ppl!

ma at7amalhom!

wath3 il 5az malhom raheeb! :S

shlon respectable girls from respectable families yg3don hnak!

im sorry bs min kether il shbab aste7y! chena dewaneya!

im cool with guys, its just that la yser there too many of them!

ma agdar!

i cant feel comfortable!

3la 6ari Men, im being friendly with my neighbors at work!

they're like 40-50 year old men,

but im being TOOOO friendly with them!

ile sa3at ashek bnafsi!

is that ok?!

or coz they're old momkin ya5thon fekra! :S

im the kind of ppl that wouldnt shut the hell up till i have said all what i wanned to say!

someimes its useless to say everything! its better to say nothing at all, but dont know id blab! its a bad thing! min il tasaro3!

i love chocolates!

they're the real joy of life!

fruits too!

i love shopping, aaaah! i love shopping

im thinking i should cook something today!

i dont know why, but i feel like it!

im a good cook! im a natural ! (a)

ive designed my dress for my sister's wedding!

yeah btw ! the wedding was a success :D!

and the bride was a queen with her beautiful off white gown!

anyhow, my dress was my design ;p

ppl now are calling me 2 see if id design for them ;p or at least tell them where i had my gown tailored and finished ;p!

GG qoute : " thats a secret ill never tell "

my kind of movies are the true story movies!

i can relate to them!

i like drama!

id love a good comedy - romantic comdey!

but a drama always gets me!

anyhow, i guess this Public enemies is good one!

yesterday ive seen this great movie directed by Danzel Washignton, The Great Debators

he also stars in it! and he surely is a STAR!

its a great story! about black americans but not the kind you're used to, its amazing!

its about how those black americans cut their way into being respected and worthy not they arent but its about one of their achievments that shows looking down on them and cutting them out is a really really big mistake!

oh yeah! thank god for ISLAM!

and if u have noticed, the President of the US of A! is a black american! ;)

thats karma in actions, i believe!

i love the movie Forest Gump!

have u seen that one?!

it is a GREAT movie!

well, i have talked alot about movies today!

ive been writing poetry like crazy these days!

im on fire! ;p

id post some soon inshallah ;p!

so im gonna go talk to my neighbor a little ;p!

take care!

and have a great well-balanced Tuesday ppl! ;p




Well! pt1

hello there!
i miss u guys! i really do! ive been a silent blogger and a reader for a while now! i was really busy!
ive been thinking alot, at times i guess ive been over thinking stuff!
but as i see it, i wasnt emotionally nor manetely present!
well, the other day ive heard this line
" you know what you DONT want, what about you start thinking about what you want for a change "
Ive said a while ago that im gonna right " the im NOT " list! becoz i havent really figured out what im about ! this whole blog is dedicated to this mission! and i dont really know if people would wanna know what im about, but for me its a big deal!
i dont wanna say good stuff about myself!
i dont wanna humble and i dont wanna be cruel to myself!
i know i cant be a real judge of myself! but i think i can be a good one, becoz im the only one that i know what im thinking like almost all the time!
sometimes i dont know what im doing
but in alot of times i surprisingly know what i want and i go for it!
so this is me! the good the bad and the ugly:
im an honest person, i cant lie, i do it sometimes but my faces shows it all! i cant complement someone or something i dont like! i can not say something i dont believe it!
im an honest person that i cant hide it if i feel like crying! on the other hand, im too proud to ask for anything! or even some one's help on a really simple thing!
im the kind of person that wants people to fight for! i know it sounds twisted! but what i mean is, if in any kind of a situation u dont insist on me or push me i cant do it or i dont feel welcomed!
like sometimes id like to go on a scary ride! i would hesitate but if the people around me were all excited to ride it id go with the flow! and i would really enjoy my time!
i cant laugh around new people! i know i cant make good jokes around know people! im the kind u say when u first meet me " offff 7adha maleeeeqaaaa " but im not! i do know why! but im a good speaker and presenter. i dont know why i cant do social gatherings!
i give, im not just saying that! i give people, special people! i think about making them happy! id plan something special just to see their smile! just to the joy on their faces! i love that!
i wanna be a mom! i know id be a good mom! i love babies! i adore them! i cant wait till i bring a tiny person into the world! aaaah !
i love flowers! i live for the smell of Lily's! their just great! i think a lily is a woman! she is! i love a white lily!
i love animals! good looking, friendly smelling animals! ;p i love dolphins and ducks!
im tall! im 175Cm's tall!
im an accountant, this fall ill start my MS !
im not patient ! not patient at all! sometimes i regret not taking the time to wait a little! becoz the more i wait i panic! but the more i wait the less damage i cause! emotionally at least!
i love my father, he is my role model in life!
im writing my book! thats why im thinking alot!
i love designing! decorating and colors!
i love white shirts! i really love white shirts!
im a spoiled daddy's girl!
there were times, i hated my mother! now at 22 years old, i cant remember why!
i sometimes cant deal with taking care of myself! sometimes i think its selfishness! i dont know why!
im smart, yet i cant get some people behavior! or jokes or mean comments! sometimes they'd say stuff about me that i cant reply on! like " ga66at " mean mean " ga66at " ! ill admit im not smart enough to answer those people back! i sometimes get angry! why couldnt i say something! but then i remember that im not mean! im a genuinely kind person!
i dont laugh easily! it has to be something good! maybe thats why i cant do or get those ga66at!
i like happy good times! those times are the best if im with my people! they know who they are!
now im off work!
i promise ill post tomorrow! ;*
urs doli!