loool !!!

hey there !
im at work at the moment ! im a trainee actually ! fa ydarbona 2 mins oo y5alona fathain for 8 hrs ! any way il.wath3 malaqa 7adda ! bs men kether il.temleq ! ga3da at7acha oo age6 bain kel badleya o badleya baldeya ;p ;p
so a5er badelyatii ile thekrat,hom !
m5a6abkom y3nii ma6ba5kom ;p

oo ethanya yetyadyad ! y3nii yetyadad ;p !
moshkela enii wathga min nafsii wana ga3da at7acha bil.3arabii ga3da atfalsaf 3a ile weyaii ! oo a5er shaii nes kalamii badleyat ;p

ams modeerii 3alaq 3laii ;p
i was telling him a salfa about us we7na msafrain road trip ;p fa gelt lah y5ari3 il.6reej etha kan full of animals y3nii mathalan fii " jmaal " !! ana gelt jmal gam yeth7ak ygo0ol lii shinu entaii masreya ;p !! golaii b3arain ;p ! ana kent 5ayfa agolha wte6laaa3 badleya MA DARAAAAA enii kelii baldeyaaaaat ;p !!!

any way min il.fethawa ga3da atfathfath m3akom ;p

soo ,, hello any body there ;p

Dolii ;**


Ya 7laaaailaaaa Bin 7usaiiiiiiiin !!!!

January 20th 2009 !
It is a great day for US of A !
Barrak Obama is now THE president of The Untied States of America !
Seeing him today so confident so proud of himself made me realize a person that strong can do every thing he wants, that is being the leader of USA. Oh, YES HE CAN !!!!!!!
OH GOOOD he is well-put-together !!!!!! WATHIQ MEN NAFSA MUUUUUU 6abeeeee3iiiiiiii il.rayaaaaaal !!!!!!
ee men 3ether he is the first black president of the USA !
" this day we have chosen hope over fear "

WOOOOW !!!!!!

3afya 3laiiiiiiih !!!!

Doliii ;**


First Words

Hello there bloggers:
Ive been browsing blogs for a while now, and for some reason i knew i had something to say and share with you.
It's an intresting world, and here i am being a part of it.
Opps ! im being rude i havent introduced myself !
Im Dolii !
Im 22 years old !
I work in some boring company !
Im the oldest in my family, so you can imagine all the pressure !
I love poetry !
Im an honest person who is lost in a world full of lies !
Ive been in love once ! and ever since i couldn't get myself outta that phase even though We're OFF !
Ive lost myself 5 years ago with that fake love and since then i couldnt get myself back !
Ive done a horrible mistake managing that ! ive been in rebounds ever since ;> !
And for a while now im all alone ! well, kinda !
To be honest, im in some FRINEDships with some guys who were supposed to be rebounds ;p !
I guess thats bad !
But what am i to do ?!
Thats me for now, i guess ;p
You'll know What±Im±about with time inshallah ;**

Dolii ;*