Sick leave!

Its sick that im actually happy that im sick!
Im happy that im home chellaaaaxing ! and not having to go to that stupid place they call work !
I always wanned to be one of those ppl who love their jobs!
But I guess I lost the way of happiness when I choose to be an Accountant! :S
any way,
how u guys doing ?!
its Tuesday for me! im planning a nice dinner with my family, a good movie and just relaxing in a really comfortable couch all day :D


habbat il mawsem !

bs ana we7da ma aste7i !
oo sij sij waaayid hbait bhal dessert ile 5alas ga3da ather nafsi! :S
UMBAY afashel :S 5thait kil il nas weyay 3shan yjarbona ;p!
oo moshkela ohma ythoqon wana ale6 oo abale3 feeh!
bs sij sij 3athaaaaaab ! 7ada 7ada latheeeth!

athar il jareema :S!

bs feh shai al3an!





hatha il ejram b3aina w3lema !

sayir il wathi3 fi baitna yaklona bil habal!
y3ni sij ma y3abron!
m3a il chai m3a il gahwa!
3ogob il akel!
gabil il akel!
UMBAY ,, edmaaan!

bs walla ana il 7een 7ade met7asfa! coz i lost weight oo now rdait netfa men ile nezalta :S
fa im detoxing NOW!
oo sij sij lazim a7afeth !
fa etha sheftaw post bil mostaqbal 3an il akel 3aqbooni :$

PS: i miss my nutella !