Sick leave!

Its sick that im actually happy that im sick!
Im happy that im home chellaaaaxing ! and not having to go to that stupid place they call work !
I always wanned to be one of those ppl who love their jobs!
But I guess I lost the way of happiness when I choose to be an Accountant! :S
any way,
how u guys doing ?!
its Tuesday for me! im planning a nice dinner with my family, a good movie and just relaxing in a really comfortable couch all day :D


habbat il mawsem !

bs ana we7da ma aste7i !
oo sij sij waaayid hbait bhal dessert ile 5alas ga3da ather nafsi! :S
UMBAY afashel :S 5thait kil il nas weyay 3shan yjarbona ;p!
oo moshkela ohma ythoqon wana ale6 oo abale3 feeh!
bs sij sij 3athaaaaaab ! 7ada 7ada latheeeth!

athar il jareema :S!

bs feh shai al3an!





hatha il ejram b3aina w3lema !

sayir il wathi3 fi baitna yaklona bil habal!
y3ni sij ma y3abron!
m3a il chai m3a il gahwa!
3ogob il akel!
gabil il akel!
UMBAY ,, edmaaan!

bs walla ana il 7een 7ade met7asfa! coz i lost weight oo now rdait netfa men ile nezalta :S
fa im detoxing NOW!
oo sij sij lazim a7afeth !
fa etha sheftaw post bil mostaqbal 3an il akel 3aqbooni :$

PS: i miss my nutella !


Prime & Toast, Yumm Yumm!


its 10:30 in the morning, nothing to do, my supervisor ma yadri 3ani :S oo mako a7ad asolif m3ah!

kil il nas ejaza! :S

i dont feel like working, i feel like youtubing ;p! i wanna laugh! any good links you guys ;p?

anyhow, yesterday was a great Tuesday, i got back from work, had a recharge nap ;p

then i went out with my sister!

we didnt feel like wandering around malls and shopping!

we wanned to have some coffee and just set back to relax a bit!

i know we could've done that at home with our pjs on! bs sometimes getting out is more relaxing! and we just wanned to get out!

So we've been to Prime and Toast! i love this place!

we ordered Cremeford Caramel dessert and Date Budding with some tea!

it was amaziiiiiiing!!!!!!!

we would've ordered some more! but we were ashamed becoz latterly we had eaten it all!

just imagine the the plates 3ogob ma gathaina 3laihom! sij sij lathetheeeeeen!!!!!!
afterwards we cruised around, listened to Fayrooz!
singed along with her, which was really ugly!
we laughed like little kids!
and we had a really great time!
so my tuesday went really well ! as i expected :D!
i slept early, and i waked up early! bs kel hatha 3la mameesh! mako sheqel! :S
anyhow, one day 2 go :D
aaaaah yal weekend! i love! ;D
this is it for now,
have a great day ;**
Doli ;*


Well! pt2

hey you guys!

how yo dowing ;p ?!

i love a Tuesday!

especially it is now the middle of the week!

for me i think it has a sense of accomplishment!

im 2 days near the weekend! and i have finished 2 days of the week!

its balanced!

i like balance! ;p

i dont know, balance to me is like balance!

i like a good safe balance!

well! its a happy day!

so i started the day wearing happy colors!! that really helped lifting my spirit! walla colors do that to me! i love colors! :D!

im wearing a white shirt, with a huge white flower in the middle of it! and a flowery skirt :D!

i never wear flowery stuff to work! but 2day kaiiify eshtahait! ;p

i just finished watching grey's anatomy season 5! *sigh* if any one knows where i could watch season 6 online plz tell me ! :S

one of my fav movies of all times is : Armagadon! its an amazing movie! a must see! ive seen it a million times! but every time i see it its like new 2 me! so ive started my day with the movies soundtrack! aerosmith, I dont wanna miss a thing!

i just love it when he says:

i dun wanna miss one smile

i dun wanna miss one kiss!

i just wanna be with right here with you


i just wanna hold you CLOSE!

feel your heart so CLOSE to MINE!

and just stay here in THIS moment for the REST OF TIME!

OMG! its like so freaking romantic!

bk to grey's anatomy!

i like the way how dr. sheperd is so presistance! he loves merideth to death!!!

the way he looks at her! its like amazing! :S

i want someone to look at me the way derick shepred looks at merideth grey, i want him to gaze into my eyes the Mcdreamy way! i want him to agree with me on everything! and when im scared and crazy i want him to tell me its ok with the same derick's tune!

one of the qoutes i love is actually from the show, when dr. bayley yells at the cheif and goes: " we're all scared! if you're not scared then you're not paying attention "

OMG those writers are really smart and logical! I LOVE!

enough with the grey's !

i hate the new nescafe ad on radio! what with all the hhhmmmmhhhhmmmmhahahahahammmmm! whats with that?! nescafe isnt that hhmmm-ing to me :S! 7ada yes7an :S!

mmm, Even Sweeter asked me whats my book is about ;p!

N dear ;p if i tell you then i have to kill u ;p im missed u girl!

rnt we like the worst bloggers ever!

id like to pay my respect to Mr. Hazem Al Braikan

may he rest in peace

and may God be with his family and loved ones

habba fi e'3neyat " making love out of nothing at all "


nrid lil well issue:

u all know the avenues,

ure all familiar with the famous lorenzino cafe!

sheftaw ga3deta ?!

shlon always za7ma oo ppl not being themselves metdakwreen oo ga3den ?!

i hate that!

i cant be that!

oo im never to be like those ppl!

ma at7amalhom!

wath3 il 5az malhom raheeb! :S

shlon respectable girls from respectable families yg3don hnak!

im sorry bs min kether il shbab aste7y! chena dewaneya!

im cool with guys, its just that la yser there too many of them!

ma agdar!

i cant feel comfortable!

3la 6ari Men, im being friendly with my neighbors at work!

they're like 40-50 year old men,

but im being TOOOO friendly with them!

ile sa3at ashek bnafsi!

is that ok?!

or coz they're old momkin ya5thon fekra! :S

im the kind of ppl that wouldnt shut the hell up till i have said all what i wanned to say!

someimes its useless to say everything! its better to say nothing at all, but dont know id blab! its a bad thing! min il tasaro3!

i love chocolates!

they're the real joy of life!

fruits too!

i love shopping, aaaah! i love shopping

im thinking i should cook something today!

i dont know why, but i feel like it!

im a good cook! im a natural ! (a)

ive designed my dress for my sister's wedding!

yeah btw ! the wedding was a success :D!

and the bride was a queen with her beautiful off white gown!

anyhow, my dress was my design ;p

ppl now are calling me 2 see if id design for them ;p or at least tell them where i had my gown tailored and finished ;p!

GG qoute : " thats a secret ill never tell "

my kind of movies are the true story movies!

i can relate to them!

i like drama!

id love a good comedy - romantic comdey!

but a drama always gets me!

anyhow, i guess this Public enemies is good one!

yesterday ive seen this great movie directed by Danzel Washignton, The Great Debators

he also stars in it! and he surely is a STAR!

its a great story! about black americans but not the kind you're used to, its amazing!

its about how those black americans cut their way into being respected and worthy not they arent but its about one of their achievments that shows looking down on them and cutting them out is a really really big mistake!

oh yeah! thank god for ISLAM!

and if u have noticed, the President of the US of A! is a black american! ;)

thats karma in actions, i believe!

i love the movie Forest Gump!

have u seen that one?!

it is a GREAT movie!

well, i have talked alot about movies today!

ive been writing poetry like crazy these days!

im on fire! ;p

id post some soon inshallah ;p!

so im gonna go talk to my neighbor a little ;p!

take care!

and have a great well-balanced Tuesday ppl! ;p




Well! pt1

hello there!
i miss u guys! i really do! ive been a silent blogger and a reader for a while now! i was really busy!
ive been thinking alot, at times i guess ive been over thinking stuff!
but as i see it, i wasnt emotionally nor manetely present!
well, the other day ive heard this line
" you know what you DONT want, what about you start thinking about what you want for a change "
Ive said a while ago that im gonna right " the im NOT " list! becoz i havent really figured out what im about ! this whole blog is dedicated to this mission! and i dont really know if people would wanna know what im about, but for me its a big deal!
i dont wanna say good stuff about myself!
i dont wanna humble and i dont wanna be cruel to myself!
i know i cant be a real judge of myself! but i think i can be a good one, becoz im the only one that i know what im thinking like almost all the time!
sometimes i dont know what im doing
but in alot of times i surprisingly know what i want and i go for it!
so this is me! the good the bad and the ugly:
im an honest person, i cant lie, i do it sometimes but my faces shows it all! i cant complement someone or something i dont like! i can not say something i dont believe it!
im an honest person that i cant hide it if i feel like crying! on the other hand, im too proud to ask for anything! or even some one's help on a really simple thing!
im the kind of person that wants people to fight for! i know it sounds twisted! but what i mean is, if in any kind of a situation u dont insist on me or push me i cant do it or i dont feel welcomed!
like sometimes id like to go on a scary ride! i would hesitate but if the people around me were all excited to ride it id go with the flow! and i would really enjoy my time!
i cant laugh around new people! i know i cant make good jokes around know people! im the kind u say when u first meet me " offff 7adha maleeeeqaaaa " but im not! i do know why! but im a good speaker and presenter. i dont know why i cant do social gatherings!
i give, im not just saying that! i give people, special people! i think about making them happy! id plan something special just to see their smile! just to the joy on their faces! i love that!
i wanna be a mom! i know id be a good mom! i love babies! i adore them! i cant wait till i bring a tiny person into the world! aaaah !
i love flowers! i live for the smell of Lily's! their just great! i think a lily is a woman! she is! i love a white lily!
i love animals! good looking, friendly smelling animals! ;p i love dolphins and ducks!
im tall! im 175Cm's tall!
im an accountant, this fall ill start my MS !
im not patient ! not patient at all! sometimes i regret not taking the time to wait a little! becoz the more i wait i panic! but the more i wait the less damage i cause! emotionally at least!
i love my father, he is my role model in life!
im writing my book! thats why im thinking alot!
i love designing! decorating and colors!
i love white shirts! i really love white shirts!
im a spoiled daddy's girl!
there were times, i hated my mother! now at 22 years old, i cant remember why!
i sometimes cant deal with taking care of myself! sometimes i think its selfishness! i dont know why!
im smart, yet i cant get some people behavior! or jokes or mean comments! sometimes they'd say stuff about me that i cant reply on! like " ga66at " mean mean " ga66at " ! ill admit im not smart enough to answer those people back! i sometimes get angry! why couldnt i say something! but then i remember that im not mean! im a genuinely kind person!
i dont laugh easily! it has to be something good! maybe thats why i cant do or get those ga66at!
i like happy good times! those times are the best if im with my people! they know who they are!
now im off work!
i promise ill post tomorrow! ;*
urs doli!


the countdown begins!

hello world!
Im on my bed at the moment, reliving this day in my mind. i can say for sure it was a great success!
but u know what ! as much as im happy! im sad, or lets just say im afraid! yes i am! im in the fear that i might lose this!i might lose this moments with my sister!
well, at this very moment i feel a lamp in my throat! oo tears are rolling on my cheeks, im gonna miss her! i already do :'(
you see, we share a room together. she's been my roommate my whole life! she's the only sister ive travelled everywhere with!
she gets me! she never judges me, i can feel free telling her any thing, everything! she would understand!
i could have these crazy breakdown and she would be there just to get me through them all!as much as i was thrilled for having the room for myself finally after all these years of sharing, i lay here with her bed empty next to mine, and im scared!
i dont want her to go! i want her here next to me!i can ever get enough of our talks every night! we talked ........ 5 mins pause for some sopping .......
hopes and dreams, anger and disappointment, tears and fears, love and heartbreaks, cold nights, scary rainy nights, thursday mornings sleeping, fittings of new clothes, scent of bo5or every eid morning, when mama came in and told us that there's someone proposing, the ugly cries, noisy phone alarms, loud laughter at 3 am in the morning! the unexpected falls of beds! usual fights over who gets to study or who gets to sleep!? ....... memories are storming into my mind!
tears are really getting outta control! and there she is, in the living room acting normal and calm like she always is.
i wish i had half of her personality, her looks, her intelligence, her love and her motherly heart.
she's stylish, she's smart, a dean list kinda smart, she's thoughtful, she's funny, she's wonderful! walla he's a lucky guy!
LOL!!! OMG! im laughing! i just remembered,
every time we travel some place, we always set next to each other on the plane! oo i dont WHY! but every time we book a room with 2 beds they end up giving us a one bed room! we always end up sharing the bed together! LOL! il moshkela ena i always choose the right side, she would be on the other side surely! moshkela is that she rolls and continue rolling lema talseq bthahri oo tnam! i used to hate it! one time i pushed her away she waked up yelled at me and got bk to her dreams wala chena sar shai! that got me talking to myself!! walla! i was talking to myself all night! ena ana laish 7athi 3awai! oo laish dayman anga6 weyaha same bed! laiiiiish! the best part is, we get to laugh at it next morning! :)
sometimes when i get really mad, thats so ugly to be watched, she would just smile when im done and say, " waaaaaaaaaaai 7adech jameeeela " hal kelma et6a5e5ni ashkara! other times when she would say " walla dalal a7abech " :'(
*heart ache*
ya 7elwha! oo ya 7elo kil shai feeha!
آه على ليالي قضيناها سوى
في عمرنا اللي راح ،، وفي عمر جديد
تبري لهيب الروح لو الجرح انكوى
بضحكك المعهود يالحي الرشيد
كم تناجينا وحلمنا سوى
وكم فرحنا ،،
وكم حزننا
وكم تعلمنا أكيد
لك باقصى الجوف قيمة ومستوى
كلام قديم ندري... بس حبينا نعيد
مشاعر باتت في خباياها الدوى
تشفي من حنين القلب للماضي السعيد
خلال أيام ،، فصل من أخوتنا انطوى
وتبدي فصول الحب بالفرقا تزيد !!!
i just wrote that! oo i mean her! allah yhaneeeha oo ys3edha oo yakteb lehom il 5air wil sale7! ;**
Gn all! ;(

8s =D!

Candy tagged me! ;$
oo im about to answer ;p so daaadaaaaaaa ;p !
10q candy ur so sweet ;****
8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. my sister's wedding :D
2. my real vacation ;p " the previous ones were all fake sick leaves (a)"
3. the weekend. FINALLY !!!!
4. a day with my bride to be sister, which is 2day :D
5. my friend getting bk from her honeymoon
6. shopping :D
7. my gown for my sister's wedding! they're actually 2! i have them by next week! i dunno which 2 choose ;p
8. lunch 2day with my friend :D
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. sky dive! i wish i had the guts! :S
2. eat whatever i like without gaining weight!
3. give a certain some one a piece of my mind ;p
4. continue being a regular blogger like i am these days ;p
5. hug with my best friend who's a guy :'( walla its harmful! i really need to dive in his wide chests! :( laiiiish 7araaam laiiiiish?!
6. dance in the corridors at work in front of every one to see ;p
7. have looooooong walks in the rain with my prince charming!
8. be in 2 places at once!
8 Things I love
1. my family! ;*
2. my friends ;*
3. food " fruit+vegetables+ice cream+shrimps+galaxy hazelnut chocolate"
4. my car! :D
5. ipodi :*
6. swimming!
7. designing clothes!
8. writing
8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. work
2. napped ;p
3. made some important calls ;p
4. pampered myself " massage "
5. ketabt she3er :D
6. been shopping with my mama
7. dinner with my mama ;**
8. danced myself to sleep ;p
8 Shows I Watch
1. gossip girl
2. Grey's anatomy
3. 90210
4. Seinfeld
5. Scrubs
6. House
7. Ally Mcbeal :D i love her !!!
8. Gilmore girls :D! i love how they " Lorelei + Rory " communicate!
8 bloggers I tag
Even Sweeter!
A Journal Entry

best nail saloon?!

plz plz plz ! etha t3arfon best nail saloon bil Q8 tell me !!!!
im telling you ppl,, i really need it!
ive tried nails 2 U! they're the best! bs i must schedule an appoinment with them! o this just came up!
ive tried dashing diva! mu zood :s
Nail spa,, ham mu zood!
fa plz etha t3arfon tell me soon!
thanx ;**


i like !

علمتني الحياة

أن ليس كل الذئاب أعداء ولا كل العصافير أصدقاء ولا كل الارانب أليفه ولا كل الاسود مفترسه

علمتني الحياة

أن اللون الابيض ليس دائما دليل النقاء ولا اللون الاسود دليل التلوث...فقد يدل الابيض على الفراغ والخواء والاسودعلى العمق والتشبع

علمتني الحياة

انه ليس بعد كل غروب محزن شروق جميل وليس بعد كل شروق متفائل غروب متشااائم

علمتني الحياة

أن طعنة الظهر لا تعني بالظرورة أنك في المقدمه مقدار ما تعني أن اختيارك لحصن ظهرك كان متهاوياً

علمتني الحياة

أن كلمة احبك أمست كأغنيه نسمعها بكبسة زر ونسكتها بضغطه اخرى وننسخها وفق احتياجاتنا و ندندن بها عند الفراغ كثيراً

علمتني الحياة

أن اخفي مناماتي الجميله في داخلي وأنتظر وحدي بشارتها...........فإخوة هذا الزمن لا ينقصها سوى جب يوسف وقميصه الممزق كذباً

علمتني الحياة

أن الذي لايستأذن عند الدخول لعالمنا لايستأذن عند الخروج .......وان الذي يدخل من النوافذ لا يخرج من الباب ابداً

علمتني الحياة

أن الكعكة بيد اليتيم قد تتحول الى حديث المدينه كلها ............ .وأن الباب الذي لايأتي منه الريح ...قد يخنقنا اغلاقه ...ولا يحمينا


oki so,, i need clothes!
i need someone to take me shopping!
volunteers ,, any one ?! (a)


So true!

ppl i love jerry Seinfeld ! he's a funny man!

bs soota ytha7ekni!

oo akthar shai y5aleeni agshi,, ena dayman yge6ha 3albaraaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

ile y3ni mu shad 7ailah oo ohwa ynaket 7ada natural oo too the point!

i just love him!

today i read some of his quotes, and i really loved this one:

" Seems to me the basic conflict between men and women, sexually, is that men are like firemen. To men, sex is an emergency, and no matter what we're doing we can be ready in two minutes. Women, on the other hand, are like fire. They're very exciting, but the conditions have to be exactly right for it to occur."

LOL !!!

this one:

"I am so busy doing nothing... that the idea of doing anything - which as you know, always leads to something - cuts into the nothing and then forces me to have to drop everything."

hathi 3ajeeeeeba:

" Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God's final word on where your lips end."

i love the guy! just thought id share some laughs with u guys! ;**

goodnight! ;)


I love the English Langauge, I really do!
I love grammar! I love writing!
My favorite Subject in School was English!
all my friends count on me in reviewing their papers and sometimes writing them!
I have this supervisor in Work who doesn't know ko3a min bo3a in English!
When I write something in English, he corrects me! o when he does, what he really really really does is just fragment mistakes all over!
I hate it!
walla 7afith la kelmtain in english oo bs m3aleq 3laihom!
oo lama ya36eni notes yabeni aktebhom yge6 li 7achi bilhawa oo ana asee'3a oo when I do! he corrects me!
what am I to do?!
I just type what he says! moshkela he corrects his own words! oo ilmoshkela ila3tham ena bs yabi y3adel bs yabi ysale7!
tafeh! mot5alef! jahel! sa5eeef! ema3a! raj3i! falsafchy! ykather 7achi!
3nda authorities ma yadi shysawi fehom!
bs bgait at7al6am! now barid baktib la ile yabi!
arahenkom ra7 y3adel!!!!!!! ;@



Ive been thinking alot lately about me. Yes me and what im about.
I have started this blog just so I could find out. So i could have the courage to be alone with myself here on this screen. Maybe it doesnt make sense for you. But i believe that the hardest thing that you might have to do, is being honest with yourself.
It is hard, because when you're there on your bed thinking your brain to sleep. You dont really want to think that you're a bad person or even you made a mistake or you were selfish or you are ugly or maybe stupid. No one likes to think bad things about him/herself and yet not all of us have good levels of self esteem and self confidence. talk about Ironic!
I can hardly say that im confident. I guess I am in some areas in life while in other areas id be so insecure.
Well, today i spent my whole day on the living room couch, watching tv and not really watching just looking at that screen and thinking in my little brain cells, who am i? why am i here? what do i really want to do? those thoughts were on my mind all day long, until my friend called me and asked me this: I wanna do something that would make me really happy, something that would make me high, whats that?
I started suggesting things like more sports, any interest in fashion designing, writing, music any thing. And the result we both got confused. Obviously her call made it only worse. I started thinking even more about how bored i am, food is tasteless now, music is not as it used to, books are blah, sport is a waste of time, friends are like old news and the Internet OMG dont get me started.
Nothing really amuses me any more. although i was in a really good mood last week. now i can only think about what im about. which is apparently a mystery.
There is an upside to all this. I think im gonna write a list of what im NOT! this way i can narrow my interests and then maybe i can find what my true identity looks like :S !
I will post this list soon!
Now im gonna hit the sack real hard. Im really tired from all the thinking :S :(
On another note, do you think that i have hatha ile ysamona " ekte'ab " ?
gn ppl
D ;**



اللي أعرفه اني كنت أحب
ولا أدري وش كان السبب
طيبته ... رقته ... ذوقه
عطفه ... حنيته ... شوقه
لحظة .. لحظة .. ما كانت فيه هالصفات
كان دوم ناسي اني على قيد الحياة
و بالأخير ... ينسى



hey you guys,
im in the " .... " phase !
akrah hal.phase madri shinu modelii feha !
i really hope it'll end soon oo something intresting would come along.
i miss him !
i really do :'( i want him back ! bs i cant have him back !
i have a shower to take, clothes to choice, and an eposide to watch !
alwada3 ! ;**



Since Journal Entry ft7at il.bab 3an mawtho3 il.hair !
then i just wanned to share this with u !
hathii il.blondie ile fe gossip girl ! SERENA ! OMG sha3arha eyaniin !!!!!
i dont want the color ! abi bs kethrah ! abi 6olah ! abi shlon tel3ab feh ! I DEMAND ON HAVING HER HAIR STYLIST ! :@:@:@
oo yeah while im at it! I WANT HER BF too ! he looks just like my college crush ile tawah metzawej my friend's cousin ;@ *MAD* !!!!
hufffff ! laish agaleb 3la ro7i il.mawje3 mani 3arfa !
its just the period i guess!
that's it for now ;**
Dolii ;*


Thoughts become things

They say thoughts become things. So everything you think about becomes a real thing in your life because you attract it.
In my mind, I picture myself with my perfect figure. I see myself with my 175cms of height as this beautiful model who turns heads the moment she walks in the room. Well, in the mirror I'm still tall but I'm 20 kilos heavier than my ideal look!
In my mind, I'm this outgoing energetic person who is enthusiastic and fun, social with a lot of friends. My life in my thoughts is hectic, busy and doesn’t stop. In real life, I'm social friendly, people love to hang with me. But my real friends are two. I would love to bond with more but I don’t know what’s keeping me from doing that. Yeah, and about my non-stop hectic lifestyle, huh! I'm actually 25 hrs a day in pause. I do gym! But it’s been a while now since my last time. Was it after eid when I did some work outs or Was it in august? I can’t remember. I miss college. I used to go out a lot. My day was full!
Now I sleep around 7 pm just in time for 6al3a wela yam3a wela zwara! I’m pausing! Ma adrii laish !!!!!
In my mind, I'm living this wonderful love story with someone specially designed for me. He’s talkive, smart, loving, caring, giving, thoughtful, romantic and loves poetry. He’s a book person with an open mind and a free spirit. He’s a friend, a father and a lover. He’s protective and jea0lous. He gets me. He understands me. He looks at me with loving eyes, t3arfon il.nathra ile lama tsolfon a7ad mrakez weyakom bs 3yona tebtesm men il.she6a, nathrat il.7ub il.abadii ile chena il.3yon tgol waaaaaaaaii zouuuuqa !!!! ee hathii ! in my mind my man looks at me this way when I talk, when I walk when I laugh, when I'm serious and when I'm mad. In my mind, I'm happy with him.
In real life, I DON’T HAVE A MAN !!!!!!!!!!!

3yal shlooooon ygolon ! thoughts becomes things ! 3ayazt 3ayazt wana athawet ! abii ;(
Dolii ;*


Me saaaaad :(

ana waaaaaaaayid waaaaaaayid waaaaaaaaaayid waaaaaaaayid ta3banaaaaaaaaa !!!!! :'(
Madrii shfeeenii ! waaaaaaaaaayid ta3bana ! :(((((
abii abchii :(
estgfar alla ! ynait oo ga3dat ! bagom a5ith lii shower maybe y6a5e5nii oo anam !


loool !!!

hey there !
im at work at the moment ! im a trainee actually ! fa ydarbona 2 mins oo y5alona fathain for 8 hrs ! any way il.wath3 malaqa 7adda ! bs men kether il.temleq ! ga3da at7acha oo age6 bain kel badleya o badleya baldeya ;p ;p
so a5er badelyatii ile thekrat,hom !
m5a6abkom y3nii ma6ba5kom ;p

oo ethanya yetyadyad ! y3nii yetyadad ;p !
moshkela enii wathga min nafsii wana ga3da at7acha bil.3arabii ga3da atfalsaf 3a ile weyaii ! oo a5er shaii nes kalamii badleyat ;p

ams modeerii 3alaq 3laii ;p
i was telling him a salfa about us we7na msafrain road trip ;p fa gelt lah y5ari3 il.6reej etha kan full of animals y3nii mathalan fii " jmaal " !! ana gelt jmal gam yeth7ak ygo0ol lii shinu entaii masreya ;p !! golaii b3arain ;p ! ana kent 5ayfa agolha wte6laaa3 badleya MA DARAAAAA enii kelii baldeyaaaaat ;p !!!

any way min il.fethawa ga3da atfathfath m3akom ;p

soo ,, hello any body there ;p

Dolii ;**


Ya 7laaaailaaaa Bin 7usaiiiiiiiin !!!!

January 20th 2009 !
It is a great day for US of A !
Barrak Obama is now THE president of The Untied States of America !
Seeing him today so confident so proud of himself made me realize a person that strong can do every thing he wants, that is being the leader of USA. Oh, YES HE CAN !!!!!!!
OH GOOOD he is well-put-together !!!!!! WATHIQ MEN NAFSA MUUUUUU 6abeeeee3iiiiiiii il.rayaaaaaal !!!!!!
ee men 3ether he is the first black president of the USA !
" this day we have chosen hope over fear "

WOOOOW !!!!!!

3afya 3laiiiiiiih !!!!

Doliii ;**


First Words

Hello there bloggers:
Ive been browsing blogs for a while now, and for some reason i knew i had something to say and share with you.
It's an intresting world, and here i am being a part of it.
Opps ! im being rude i havent introduced myself !
Im Dolii !
Im 22 years old !
I work in some boring company !
Im the oldest in my family, so you can imagine all the pressure !
I love poetry !
Im an honest person who is lost in a world full of lies !
Ive been in love once ! and ever since i couldn't get myself outta that phase even though We're OFF !
Ive lost myself 5 years ago with that fake love and since then i couldnt get myself back !
Ive done a horrible mistake managing that ! ive been in rebounds ever since ;> !
And for a while now im all alone ! well, kinda !
To be honest, im in some FRINEDships with some guys who were supposed to be rebounds ;p !
I guess thats bad !
But what am i to do ?!
Thats me for now, i guess ;p
You'll know What±Im±about with time inshallah ;**

Dolii ;*