Thoughts become things

They say thoughts become things. So everything you think about becomes a real thing in your life because you attract it.
In my mind, I picture myself with my perfect figure. I see myself with my 175cms of height as this beautiful model who turns heads the moment she walks in the room. Well, in the mirror I'm still tall but I'm 20 kilos heavier than my ideal look!
In my mind, I'm this outgoing energetic person who is enthusiastic and fun, social with a lot of friends. My life in my thoughts is hectic, busy and doesn’t stop. In real life, I'm social friendly, people love to hang with me. But my real friends are two. I would love to bond with more but I don’t know what’s keeping me from doing that. Yeah, and about my non-stop hectic lifestyle, huh! I'm actually 25 hrs a day in pause. I do gym! But it’s been a while now since my last time. Was it after eid when I did some work outs or Was it in august? I can’t remember. I miss college. I used to go out a lot. My day was full!
Now I sleep around 7 pm just in time for 6al3a wela yam3a wela zwara! I’m pausing! Ma adrii laish !!!!!
In my mind, I'm living this wonderful love story with someone specially designed for me. He’s talkive, smart, loving, caring, giving, thoughtful, romantic and loves poetry. He’s a book person with an open mind and a free spirit. He’s a friend, a father and a lover. He’s protective and jea0lous. He gets me. He understands me. He looks at me with loving eyes, t3arfon il.nathra ile lama tsolfon a7ad mrakez weyakom bs 3yona tebtesm men il.she6a, nathrat il.7ub il.abadii ile chena il.3yon tgol waaaaaaaaii zouuuuqa !!!! ee hathii ! in my mind my man looks at me this way when I talk, when I walk when I laugh, when I'm serious and when I'm mad. In my mind, I'm happy with him.
In real life, I DON’T HAVE A MAN !!!!!!!!!!!

3yal shlooooon ygolon ! thoughts becomes things ! 3ayazt 3ayazt wana athawet ! abii ;(
Dolii ;*


Me saaaaad :(

ana waaaaaaaayid waaaaaaayid waaaaaaaaaayid waaaaaaaayid ta3banaaaaaaaaa !!!!! :'(
Madrii shfeeenii ! waaaaaaaaaayid ta3bana ! :(((((
abii abchii :(
estgfar alla ! ynait oo ga3dat ! bagom a5ith lii shower maybe y6a5e5nii oo anam !