just a thought!

yes if ur reading this ur actually talking to urself,
uve been through a lot this year, uve learned a lot, uve grown!
never knew there'd come a time when id look bk and id smile, now i do!
a huge break up, finding that friends rnt really friends, family turning their backs at u! yes this is alot!
we always say look at the bright side, look at the glass half full.. i say look at what happened really close, reaaaaal close and asses, analyze, think and look at the glass half empty.
take urself out of the picture and really look deep into what had happened. u don't have to look for someone to blame you just have to understand thats all. u wont find relief until u get there.
dont ask urself why, thats just painful. be realistic and open ur eyes!
and if you really want to see something bright, you wont find it in that picture, no look around u!
u have a great mom, a loving father, amazing sisters and one of a kind brother!
you have the cutest nephew, and soon very soon ull meet ur niece.. thats all ur gonna need to get u through this rough batch..
read more Quran, pray more, smile with everybody,
and take a piece of paper write down all that u r all that u wanna be all that ur sure about and ull be just fine.
i promise to u myself! ull be just fine, ur in the living room at ur house u just had a great meal with ur people u dont need anything else! u cant find anything to top that !
love u! just smile for me now!
your inter self