Sick leave!

Its sick that im actually happy that im sick!
Im happy that im home chellaaaaxing ! and not having to go to that stupid place they call work !
I always wanned to be one of those ppl who love their jobs!
But I guess I lost the way of happiness when I choose to be an Accountant! :S
any way,
how u guys doing ?!
its Tuesday for me! im planning a nice dinner with my family, a good movie and just relaxing in a really comfortable couch all day :D


A Journal Entry said...

matshoofeen shar ensahllah..
ee il 9ara7a staying at home when everyone else bil dawam wanasah!

Standy said...

hope you are feeling better and bewteen me and you, if the sickness you have is not peiod pian or headaches then i agree with you, i would be happy too =p

I also wanted to be one of those happy i love my job people but i guess life is still good =)

Mone said...

Ma tshofen shar hun. Hope u r feeling betta :)
Its the first time 4 me to be here and I luv ur blog


Even Sweeter said...

hey babe how r u doing now inshalla better?! Miss u ;*

Technfreak said...

salamat o matshofen shr enshalah
ya7elo q3dt elbeet etha knty malah mn e6l3a 7adda 7adda ra77aaah

Anonymous said...

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