Prime & Toast, Yumm Yumm!


its 10:30 in the morning, nothing to do, my supervisor ma yadri 3ani :S oo mako a7ad asolif m3ah!

kil il nas ejaza! :S

i dont feel like working, i feel like youtubing ;p! i wanna laugh! any good links you guys ;p?

anyhow, yesterday was a great Tuesday, i got back from work, had a recharge nap ;p

then i went out with my sister!

we didnt feel like wandering around malls and shopping!

we wanned to have some coffee and just set back to relax a bit!

i know we could've done that at home with our pjs on! bs sometimes getting out is more relaxing! and we just wanned to get out!

So we've been to Prime and Toast! i love this place!

we ordered Cremeford Caramel dessert and Date Budding with some tea!

it was amaziiiiiiing!!!!!!!

we would've ordered some more! but we were ashamed becoz latterly we had eaten it all!

just imagine the the plates 3ogob ma gathaina 3laihom! sij sij lathetheeeeeen!!!!!!
afterwards we cruised around, listened to Fayrooz!
singed along with her, which was really ugly!
we laughed like little kids!
and we had a really great time!
so my tuesday went really well ! as i expected :D!
i slept early, and i waked up early! bs kel hatha 3la mameesh! mako sheqel! :S
anyhow, one day 2 go :D
aaaaah yal weekend! i love! ;D
this is it for now,
have a great day ;**
Doli ;*


A Journal Entry said...

a7ib prime and toast!
bs wallah marrah jarrabt il 7ilo malhum.. shawagteeni!

±What±Im±about± said...

JE: LAAAAZIM etjarbeena!!!! la the eeeeeeeth !!!!

Candy said...

ma jarrabtah :S
bas shaklah wayed 7eeeelo!!

bel3afia 3al ur heart,inti ba3ad bored,il kel bored hal ejaza madree sho il salfa :S

±What±Im±about± said...

t3alai il q8 wana awadeech :D! ;p

zuz said...

allaah shakla eshawig;p, bel3afiaa!

Lulwa said...

prime & toast ? havn't heard abt it
but it sounds like a fine place
i'm gonna give it a try

glad that u had a nice Tuesday :D

±What±Im±about± said...

zuz: thank u ! ;*

Lulwa: u have to give it a try! ;) thanx :*